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CMU Entertainment Technology Center vs SVA Computer Art


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I am an international student, and I was accepted from CMU ETC, Master's of Entertainment Technology and SVA, Computer Art, MFA. 


Both of schools offer the curriculums I was interested in, and I am having hard time to decide which one to go. 


I'm very worried right now because I only have few information on the Internet which I don't want to rely on. 

I can't visit each one of them right now, and there is no way for me to know more about these schools! 


So, I want to hear from anyone who have visited these schools or have any knowledge on this field. 


If is there anyone have the answer I want, please give me some advice ! 



I heard that CMU ETC offers a team-work-experience with students from various kinds of majors and projects are focused on games. 


As for SVA, it is one of those famous art schools and focus on practical classes. 


I did not get any funding from both of schools, but at least SVA has a system for funding, and they told me that if I work for the school, I can decrease tuition. CMU ETC has no funding system at all. 

( Since I am an international student, I also have to consider it will be very hard to get any funding. ) 


If anyone knows anything that would help, any information which I can compare on facilities, educational quality, alumni, internship opportunities, or anything else, please tell me ! 


Thank you! 

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