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NCSU vs SUNY Buffalo || MS in CS


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I have admits from NCSU and SUNY Buffalo for a MS in CS program starting Fall 2013. My interest area is Applied Machine Learning but I have no intent of doing a PhD. Which of the two would be better options considering -


1. Job/Internship Prospects.

2. On Campus jobs

3. Overall CS program.


Moreover, would picking a lower ranked university affect the chances of getting my H1B visa sponsored??





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H1B process is independent of your school. The only factor that I think might play a role is your employer. If your employer pays for expedited processing, that might mean you get the visa faster, versus regular processing. But I'd say that's about it. Otherwise, it's purely a function of applying before all visas are issued and having your paperwork complete, which shouldn't depend on your school either.

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