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EE MS@Columbia or EE MEng@ Cornell?? Desperate for help...


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HI. I've been admitted by both universities for Electrical Engineering Master dgree. Which one is better for me to get a decent and well-paid job easier? 

*1 year and half program, no thesis
*not easy to find a job for EE, so i'm thinking about taking more courses related to CS, don't know if that would help....
*great overall reputation....not sure about EE(or CS)

*more chances in NY, but for EE? for girls?

*1 year Meng program, i plan to extend one more semester to relieve job hunting pressure
*GREAT career fair!
*GREAT ranking in EE graduate school
*still hard to get a job on EE(?) but it seems i can choose a lot of CS courses(and courses in other departments) with no limits
*not likely to get a PHD....although i prefer to get a job
*always snow(?) locate in ithaca....it's a long journey to get to the cities



Right now I'm a little more intend to go to Columbia...but I'm so concerned about if I can get a job after graduation. After all Columbia is not famous for its Engineering Department. Could anyone (especially those who are studying in CU EEMS) give me some information and advice? Thank u so much!!


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