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Thinking about changing programs


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Hi everyone!


I graduated from a non-US university with a degree in chemical engineering in January. I went on an exchange program to the US in 2011, so I had to do an extra semester. Currently I'm enrolled in the masters program in chemistry at my alma mater. I was very busy in my last semester to apply to grad school and I also didn't feel I was good enough. I figured that I could stay at my university and get more research experience in the field I want to pursue (materials) and get a better handle on my research interests before I chanced to apply to programs abroad. The problem is I am really miserable. I've never really liked my university, or the city (or country) I live in and I really want to move on if possible. I was thinking about applying for fall 2014 and continuing to take classes and working part time until then. I am lucky that my grad school is tuition free. My question is: do you think I should apply or wait another year to finish out my masters? I'd be applying to phd programs in US and Canada and masters in Europe. Probably in chemistry or materials science but could be chemical engineering depending on the program. I have not done in-depth research yet.


My stuff:

GPA: 3.56 (5th in my class), Major: 3.58, Chem: 4.0

I also had a scholarship during my undergrad

My grades from my 2 exchange quarters are not very good (2.7-ish overall)

My last TOEFL was 116 (was valid until March this year)

I have not taken the GRE yet

I don't have much research experience: a summer intership at the chemistry department, and a semester for my thesis project (with the same prof).


Thanks for taking a look!

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