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manufac./indus. or mechanical

er. shriram

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hi everyone


i am an international grad student, and currently enrolled for direct PhD degree in Mechanical engineering.  But just after my first semester I am thinking about changing my major to Manufc./Ind., and I want to change my college too.  


My sole aim was to find the field of study with easy (as i am an international that is the important thing i guess) and good career prospect.  When I looked for the job requirements, i found that the requirements are generally Lean, six sigma , Manufac. processes and simulation.  So keeping that in mind i decided to change major, as Manuf./Ind. covers topics like lean, six sigma, quality improvement etc. and I can have simulation topics too (because where there is manufac. there is mechanical).


Is my decision right?


My undergraduate is in Mechanical(although from another country), so i guess the knowledge of heat transfer and thermodynamics is not applicable to my case (I see many people bragging about that), i have good knowledge of them.  


I just want to ask, Mechanical (undergrad) + Manufacturing/indus.(grad) or Mechanical(undergrad) + Mechanical(grad), which one is better combination?


thank you


awaiting your precious replies

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