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Financial Package Offer Dilemas


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Did any of you get into a great school, your top choice to find out they didn't give you much?

This is my problem at the minute. I don't know whether to run with the debt and follow my dreams -or- forget about an MFA...have a harder time finding a job.

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hi Britt,

Similar here. 

They gave me pretty generous aid, TA+stipend, but consider the fact that I don't have a job, don't have much $$ saved, there is still a chunk of $$ I need to come up with.


I don't know how much you would need to borrow, and what is monthly payment looks like after you graduate, so some vague ideas:


could you maybe defer the offer and work for a year? so you will have a little less amount to borrow?

did you look up more federal loans with less interests and more options of repayment plans? 

what is the alumni networking looks like from that school? what are the chances that you can get a higher paid job after MFA compared to now? 

how connected (physical location and socially) is the school with the art world? do current MFA students show in major cities? 

during the two years, can you maybe apply for more individual grants or sell some art work or get random jobs to cover some expenses?


do you want to get and MFA bad enough? I assume you do, than never say "forget about it"! DON'T STOP UNTIL YOU FIND A WAY!

always follow your dreams.

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