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Im almost afraid to ask this question, but what do people think of Barry's MSW Program? I was reading the magazine 'Social Work Today' and saw an advertisement for the program that said you can complete it in 7 months. I was weary of that and did further research but it looks like its a bonafide claim for advanced standing students. Traditional full time students can complete it in 4 consecutive semesters (you begin in fall and graduate the next fall). It is fully accredited as well. I did not look at what ranking the school was in because that does not interest me, but I would assume the ranking position sways a lot of applicants when they apply to programs. The program is entirely clinical and that may be unattractive many students as well. Lastly, it is based in Florida so I would assume that geographical preferences/restrictions would also play a role in a students interest to apply. What is most attractive to me is finishing the masters program an entire semester early. Is there another reason I am not seeing a lot of discussion about this program on these threads? Is the program disregarded for reasons that I am not aware of or am I looking too deep into it?

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