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I will be entering a PhD program in education this fall, and recently completed my masters in communication. My program requires me to have 12 credits outside the department (or a supporting program), and I would really like to be able to use credits from my masters. Not only do I think my work in communication theory is valuable, using my masters credits would save me money, time, and more money. I was just wondering if anyone has ever been required to have a supporting program and was able to use credits from a masters degree from a different institution.



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I think it is best to talk to the dept head of your program, or your advisor if you've been assigned one. My school/program have basically the same requirement for the supporting program.  I had questions about it as well, which I brought up in an in-person mtg with the dept head. 


One thing I do know is that there is usually a lot of flexibility with the supporting program, although generally it is a formal minor (the specific requirements for these should be available on the university website).  I have several ideas for my supporting program, all of which apparently would be viable.  It can really be anything that complements your primary program. However, it seems unlikely to me that a school would just count the previous MA as the whole supporting program, but I'm sure many of the credits will transfer if you declare a supporting program in a field that is closely related to your MA.  


Did you receive your MA from the same school where you will be doing your PhD?   That might make a difference.  Transferring from a different school is always complicated, but if you're just switching into a new dept, you might be able to negotiate a little more.

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