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Multiple Funded I - 20's: Is it a problem?


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Hi All!

I got an admit from NCSU to which I gave my acceptance and received an I-20 after that. But I also received an I-20 from WSU even though I did not accept their offer (I did not give my acceptance, nor rejection as last date given to me was April 15th).

I just wanted to ask if it is a problem to hold multiple funded I-20's. Can someone help me with this please...

I am planning to return the WSU I-20 to them as I am not accepting their offer. Any suggestions? Do I need to do it before April 15th to avoid complications? What are the repercussions if any of not doing so?

Thanks in advance,

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It's not a problem. I received multiple I20s from schools whose offers I did not accept. I didn't do anything with the forms (didn't return them), and only followed up on the I-20 from the school I ended up attending. I've never encountered any problems because of this.


However, if you've already decided on a school you should inform the other school you're not going there so they can (maybe) accept someone who is now on their waitlist.

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