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Advice, What should i do?

islam nasaar

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I have an offer from University A and currently waiting for University B which is my first choice.


I have to accept the offer from A by 2 May.  When i asked the program director in University B when should i expect a reply , he said they had many applications and the review process was postponed till 15 April.


I was thinking of emailing the program director by 20 May telling him politely that they are my first choice but i don't want to wait and pass the deadline for University A and ending up no where.


what do you think?


Your advice is very much appreciated



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I may not be the person who's capable in giving you an advice, since I haven't been accepted anywhere yet. But I have read lots of threads in this forum and normally people would advice you to contact University A and ask to extend the deadline of your reply to the offer.

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Just ask University A to delay the deadline for you if possible because you do not have all of the information you require to make an informed decision. You don't need to tell them they're not your first choice. Oftentimes applicants need to consult with their partner or family members before choosing.


Asking for an extension to decide won't work at all schools, but they won't revoke your offer simply for asking (just make sure you ask in advance).

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