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Stanford MS EE vs. Johns Hopkins PhD ECE (both funded)


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My top two choices originally were Stanford and Johns Hopkins.  I'm an MS admit for Stanford (applied for PhD) and PhD admit for Johns Hopkins.  At first, I wasn't accepted to JHU but I got the NSF fellowship and they changed their minds after they found out about the fellowship.  I had the Stanford decision before I found out about the NSF fellowship.  


There are lots of things I like about Stanford (if I got accepted to the PhD program there, I'd definitely go).  I like their entrepreneurial culture, reputation, research, location (it will be near many of my college friends and my boyfriend of over 2 years).  I already will be working there over the summer in my top choice research lab.  However, it will be a risk to accept this offer since I may not get into the PhD program.  


Johns Hopkins also has excellent research, which is why it was one of my top choices.  However, it's not as strong of an EE program.  Since I'm interested in interdisciplinary research, I'm worried that it'll be hard to take classes outside of ECE.  Also, the location is not ideal for me.  The benefit would be being able to go directly into a PhD program.


Note that both would be funded fully for me since I am a NSF fellow.


Does anyone know how easy it is to get into Stanford PhD with an NSF fellowship and research at a Stanford lab?  If it's probable, then it probably sway my decision.  I've wrestled with this decision for a long time and have asked lots of people, but what do you guys think?

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Man that's cold. Getting into Stanford Ph.D. after MS is definitely doable, but you really got to want it. You can expect to work much harder than you would at JHU. You need to figure out if this worth it to go to Stanford.

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