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Here are my options: 


-UIUC ECE MS, funded by serving as RA 

-Columbia CS MS, unfunded


I am an undergrad at UIUC now interested in networking and computing. UIUC gives me a very good offer with stipend that could cover my spendings. Also, I have worked in the research group at UIUC for nearly a year; people in the research group are nice to me. But I also want to change environment after living in the crop field for four years and New York seems like a great city. In columbia, I may get more job opportunities than in UIUC, since I want to find a job after MS.


Any advice? I appreciate your help! Or anyone can provide any information about the job placement at Columbia?


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What is your reasoning for more job opportunities at Columbia? Because it's in a big city? The UIUC name will open up more job opportunities for you than Columbia will.


But... I can understand wanting a change in scenery. If the cost of attending Columbia isn't too expensive for you (but I bet it is) and you really like the research at Columbia much more than at UIUC, then I'd take the offer. Otherwise stick it out in the middle of nowhere for another two years; you will definitely have a job lined up by the end of it and you will be debt free.

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