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Extension Schools and Online Classes


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I'm taking undergraduate psychology classes since my degree is not in psychology. I noticed that many schools offer online classes through an extension school or some continuing education program.


What is the reputation of these kinds of programs?

Should I avoid taking classes through such programs?


I'd appreciate hearing anyone's experience with online classes and how it can affect admissions.

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Harvard Extension School was great- I took a night class there when I lived in Cambridge. You had the option of either going to class in person (it was taught at Harvard by a real Harvard professor, she said she switched year-to-year between HES and undergrad Harvard) or watching the lectures online. Then for class participation, you could either participate in forums online or attend actual recitation. Even though I lived like, a mile away, I still ended up doing most of my work online instead of in person :-). You can also take many classes at an undergrad level or a grad level- it's essentially the same class with different degree requirements (ex. I had to write a different and longer paper and do more short essays, things like that). I'd recommend doing it at the grad level. I do think it's helpful for both your foundational knowledge and your application to have some graduate-level psych courses under your belt, even if it's just through an extension program.

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