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MSW: USC or Simmons

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I live in Massachusetts currently and have been accepted to USC (to my disbelief) and am waiting to hear back from Simmons which I should hear from soon in a matter of days. However, I have 10 days before USC will deny my admission if I don't confirm my admission to their University.

I love both programs. It's funny, because I applied to Simmons on a whim during a book fair and learned to love the program and even had the opportunity to sit in a class room. I like how small their classes are and how well you're able to receive information due to that. Obvious perks are that it's in a location not too far away and I know my way around Boston and know plenty of people there. I don't know how much I'll be awarded but chances are, it'll still be less expensive than going to an out of state school.

USC, however, made me love their program throughout the application process. I've spoken to professors via email, asked questions and got helpful and thoughtful responses. I never had an application process that made me WANT to learn more about their school and program.

Obviously, I have some anxiety about moving there. It wasn't so bad during the time I was dating a girl out there and would fly there every once in a while over the period we were together, but we've since split up and she might not be going to a university in that same state!

I just want to make the best decision. I want to go into Children and Families--possibly work with schools. I like clinical practice over research and I do not plan on getting my Ph.D.

How can I determine the best way to make the right choice? This isn't just an academic and career decision for me. This is calling for (at least in the USC case), a major life overhaul.

I thank everyone ahead of time for whatever advice they're able to give.

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Is money a big factor? Do you want to end up working in New England or California? I tend to think that for programs like social work and public administration (my field) proximity to a desired professional network is a big plus. I don't think you'll be able to make high quality decision until you know what funding is going to be like at Simmons.

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Are you willing to spend about $45,000 for one year on just tuition and fees? If you include living expenses, that could be upwards of $100,000 for just a social work degree once you're all done. I'm not sure if you have received your financial aid package yet, but USC SSW isn't known for giving a lot of scholarships. They are known for accepting most students that apply and those students use loans to pay.


Like the previous poster asked, are you interested in working in Boston or LA?


Have you considered that breaking into the education scene is much more difficult in CA than it is in MA?


Do the professors at one school align more or less with your interests?


Have you talked to students and alumni at both schools?


What are the job prospects upon graduation?

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I'm curious as to what the decision was on this one. I'm not in good circumstances at all where it concerns student loans (whether I go to a state school in TX or USC). I'm having a similar debate with myself... I was also offered admission to NYU, and although I know it's ranked lower than USC's program, i dont know what their reputation is either.

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