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Difference in Financial Aid between Offer Letter and I-20


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Hi All!,


I got an admit from WSU with financial aid. In the Offer letter from the department, it is given that I will be paid 1450 pm for 9 months (Total of 13050 for 9 months). However in the I - 20 it is shown that the funds from school are the tuition + Living Expenses. The Living Expenses shown in the I-20 which supposedly the University will pay for me is given as 18500 for 9 months.


I couldn't understand this difference in financial aid. At first I neglected this offer as I thought the funding was less, but after seeing on the I-20 I have second thoughts about this offer. From where did the extra 5050 come from mentioned in my I - 20?


Which one is correct? I - 20(from Grad School) or Offer Letter (from Department). Please help!




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Ask the department, as they will be the ones funding your offer--not the international students office, even though they issued you the I-20. It's great if there was a mistake or misunderstanding and the sum you got offered is larger than you thought, but you don't want to get stuck with the bill if the mistake is in the I-20 and not the original offer, so you need to make sure that the department has this extra money for you.

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