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Purdue and Virginia Tech still have not notified me, others schools' deadline is Friday this week! What to do!?!?!

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So I've been accepted to some programs, but Purdue was my top choice.  Still have not heard from them or VT.  I really want to at least know one way or another before accepting my other offers.


Should I call and pester these two programs and let them know my situtation or just chalk it up to karma and accept one of my other offers?


No clue what to do and I'm feeling LOTS of stress!

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The DGS at VT, Paul Heilker, is really nice. I'm sure he would be willing to talk to you about the program. I turned down an offer from them last Friday, and one of my other friends did the same earlier in the week. They could be trying to figure out who is getting those spots?


And I also never heard from Purdue, but I already accepted another offer. 


I hope something works out for you soon!

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I can attest to both ComeBackZinc's and muchado's impressions of Jill Quirk and Paul Heilker.


Ms. Quirk is truly organized, friendly, helpful, and a sane space in the whole whirlwind of graduate applications (and later, graduation!). I got to know her when I did my M.F.A. at Purdue. I too am waiting to hear from Purdue about my Rhet/Comp Ph.D. app and will be in touch with her this week.


Prof. Heilker was super friendly when I dealt with him earlier this semester re: an offer of admission to Virginia Tech - which I have turned down at this point, so I hope that means good news for you, Gooey, if VT is a top choice for you and you also happen to seeking a Rhet/Comp Ph.D.


Good luck!

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Make sure you've done a website check too--that's how I found out. No actual notification.  Though I hope it's good news for you. :)


Also yes Jill is amazing.  I've only dealt with her a few times, but I really, really appreciated how good she was at her job.

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