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Berkely Statistics or Cornell OR?

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UC Berkeley Statistics MA or Cornell Operations Research M.Eng?


What I want to do:

I want to work in the industry as a statistician after grad school. I just want the best education possible that allows me to do this, especially since I am not doing a PhD, can I still achieve the statistician job with just a masters? I really want to know your opinion of which school has a better reputation and which school gets more attention when the resume gets to a manager's desk.



My family and friends are in the East Coast, I went to a reputable East Coast school. However, I love the Bay area and wouldn't mind trying out living on the West Coast. So basically I don't have strong preference for East vs West Coast. I just much prefer somewhere warm, but since both masters are only one year long, I don't plan on staying in the freezing cold for long. Just not sure how much to weigh this location factor.



I received a generous fellowship from Cornell that makes the cost half as much as UC Berkeley.


What should I do? Only few more days to decide!!! Thanks for ANY input. =D

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I cannot answer which is best for purely statistics jobs, but I think Cornell OR degree would make you competitive for a broader range of jobs than a MA in statistics. I would choose Cornell since it is much cheaper.

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I think Berkeley is the strongest in pure Stats, probably the best option if you want to continue on to PhD. If that's not the case I think Cornell is better, like creed said a more broad range of jobs and cheaper cost.

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