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Waitlist Dilemma


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I was waitlisted at this one school and accepted into the SAME school for a different program. I already accepted my offer to the second and was offered a pretty generous university fellowship. I'm half hoping that I could be allowed to pursue two degrees at the same time if I am accepted into both. I am now wondering whether I should tell the waitlisted department about my plans and whether it would be beneficial or detrimental for me to do so. I can personally see how it can be both.


I know that my school does offer what they call "graduate double majors." I also have a history of taking on twice the average load. So it's not a question of whether my plan is doable, only whether revealing it beforehand would be beneficial or detrimental.

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If it is allowed I don't really think it matters, they may try to convince you out of it as doing two full time graduate programs can be overwhelming. It might be worth asking the people at both programs if you can pursue concurrent degrees since sometimes schools don't allow this--a "graduate double major" may be different from concurrent degrees. It may also help you get into the program for which you are wait listed since you have funding. Each school has different rules for funding concurrent degrees, you wouldn't have to pay tuition twice but often there is some sort of fee but no way to know that until you ask. 

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