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Has anybody here applied from outside the US and converted their GPA using this website/company?



Basically they say a German B- is equal to a GPA of 4.0. Can this be correct? 

I know that in Germany it is very difficult to get an A (especially in College), still I am a little shocked, because my resulting GPA would be very high.

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I am an international applicant, and I never tried converting my GPA to the standard 4 point scale used in the US, during my PhD applications to american universities, until and unless I was specified to do so. I don't really suppose international applicants are supposed to convert their GPA's on their own, when they are making applications to graduate programs in the US. I made quite a few applications, and the only school which specifically asked me to convert my GPA, was the University of Washington (Seattle). For the rest of my applications, I just provided my GPA in the actual 10 point scale, which is used in my current university.  

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MIT doesn't ask for a GRE? I was required to provide both the general and subject GRE test scores for my department (Chemistry) at least! 


But anyway, I believe these schools have their own standards for estimating the GPA's of foreign applicants and comparing them with those of domestic ones. Besides, GPA isn't the only criteria by which a decision is made, by the graduate committee in these schools, regarding admission into the graduate program. 

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