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USC Price MPA vs. UVa Batten MPP

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Hi all, as my topic title, these two programs are my top choices and I am stuck in making decesion between them. As an international student, I believe I know less about these programs than you guys, so I really look forward to hearing from you all. Price is highly ranked in MPA programs while Batten's MPP seems like a quite new program. Price offers me no funds but UVa gives a 11,250 fellowship for each year. I treat the quality of program itself and also career prospects after graduation as most important factors.Also opportunities to get internships during my graduate study is also significant to me. After graduation, I would like to work for nonprofit ogranizations which promotes educational assistance and to get sufficient experience. After that, I plan to either go back my country to form my own ogranizations to improve the urban -rural educational gap( there are less NGOs of this concerntration in my country) ,or to get further education in states. I really really like the program offers by Batten ( A small size class, more interaction with professors, and of course the fellowship), but I am truely an idiot in math and I totally took no coures on statistics before, I am wondering if I can catch up with others in this MPP program. On the other hand, the higer major rank of Price's MPA degree seems make it more well reputed. Please feel free to speak out here and any outside perspective is super super helpful to me now! Thank yo so much guys!

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I can't help with your direct comparison, but I also have Batten on my short list of schools. As you mentioned it is a new program, so you are taking a bit of a risk or leap of faith, especially if you have an established option such as Price. However, there are many things that are attractive about Batten. In addition to what you mentioned, they seem to be establishing very strong relationships with schools around UVa's campus, including the Curry School of Education. You would be able to take electives at Curry which would help focus your MPP on your interests.


Regarding Math, Batten offers the Math Camp, which is ungraded and before the official start of your first year. I think it's a week long, and is designed to introduce students to the math they will encounter during the program, or to provide a refresher to those who may already have coursework in stats/econ. Everything I've heard suggests it's an excellent primer for their MPP. After that, you can supplement the core stats/econ coursework with courses in the Econ department if you wish.


There are of course many other things you could consider (MPA or MPP), location during and after graduation, internship opportunities, professional network, etc. Batten's newness also means it is relatively difficult to find info on it, but I would recommend reaching out to Howard in admissions if you haven't yet, as he is excellent at responding to applicant's concerns/questions.


Hopefully this helps you in your decision. I'm going through a similar process right now, so I have some idea what you're feeling! Good luck!

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Thanks jurysi! Your opinion is truely helpful! I have contacted Howard, he is so nice and provides sufficient information to me~ As you say, it might be a bit risky, but I feel I really really love this program. I am seriously taking your opinion into my consideration, and also good luck for you!

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