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Is it possible to live only with TAships and RAships?


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I'm an international student in the EE PhD program at Stanford University, and I'd like to know if I can live only with TAships and RAships or if I'll have to expend some of my own funds.

If it is not possible to live with RAships and TAships. From where do you get the extra money in order to meet your expenses?


Although this question is intended to EE people at Stanford, I would like to hear from people from elsewhere as well.


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It depends on the whole package.  What are they doing about tuition?  Do they cover your tuition?  My TA for a MS program will cover my living expenses and will allow me to pay in-state tuition.  Other universities that I applied to had RA positions that was more like a lump sum, but they doled it out monthly in the form of a paycheck, and they waived all tuition in addition to offering medical insurance.


Living near Stanford is not cheap.  Ask as many questions as you can.  I found my best information came from current students working for my PI.  I just asked him for some contacts when I accepted my offer, mainly so I could get some advice on housing in the area.  It has worked out well.

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I am considering that the RAships and TAships will cover full tution. In addition, I plan to live on campus, because I have already heard about the insane prices near Stanford.


Thanks for the advice, I'll contact the students that work on my PI's group. However, I'm trying to gather as much information as I can before I talk to them.

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