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Art Center?


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What does everyone here think of Art Center? I got into their Media Design Projects 2-year studio program. It looks pretty amazing and incredibly open-ended, I feel like I could do a lot of self-exploration/learning there. Plus they claim to be pretty well connected to all the design industry big shots. It's crazy expensive though ($19k/semester).

I haven't heard much talk re: Art Center on the GradCafe so I thought I'd bring it up.

I'm having a lot of trouble deciding if I want to attend. I got into VCU, UC Davis, Notre Dame, and MCAD design programs with funding, however Art Center is offering me none, but I've always kinda dreamt of going there....


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I got into their 3 year Media Design lab track, and for awhile was seriously considering it-but I also didn't receive any aid, which is the only reason it went off my shortlist. Unfortunately I just did the phone interview instead of the campus visit-which could have swayed my decision a bit.

I've also noticed that it's not discussed on this forum much and can't understand why-it has a really good reputation, and all the projects I've seen coming from there have been thoughtful and timely, so I don't know! 

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