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DS160 Question on Chemical Experience

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In DS160, it asks the following question:


Do you have any specialized skills or training, such as firearms, explosives, nuclear, biological, or chemical experience? (The answer requires you to select from a radio button Yes or No, and if you select Yes, a field appears asking for explanation.) 


Now, I've accepted offer from a good chemistry PhD program and I am from Pakistan. After consultation with  US Educational Foundation Pakistan (USEFP) I selected No, but my instructor/supervisor who got his PhD as a Fulbright scholar told me to select Yes with an Explanation. Now I am concerned if I did the right thing. I didn't want any administrative processing delays yet I wanted to be honest. But of course I don't have any chemical explosives experience, or at least experience of the sort implied in the question.


Should I be worried? Should I have written Yes? I am really scared!

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I would have probably said 'yes' and provided and explanation but since you've already made a decision and submitted the form, I don't think it helps to worry now. Just wait and see what happens, and explain what kind of "experience" you have if they ask at the visa interview. Clearly, as you say, they are not really worried about the kind of experience that you have, so this should all work out.

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