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student needs help!!!!

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hello everyone im a current marketing student and aspire to get my PhD in I/O psych, but should i go and get an MBA or a Masters in I/O? Plus I understand a PhD gets you ready for academia, but that is not something i would like to do with my life maybe when i retire it could be a possibility i would like to travel the world and consult; also what is the salary for someone in the field like this?? and what is the likelihood of landing a job with this field?? 


thanks everybody i would appreciate all answers

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You can find some info here.




There is probably an equivalent info clearinghouse for MBAs.


The rule of thumb I've heard is that a master's in I/O is essentially a degree for those going into human resources.  Whereas I imagine an MBA to be more of a management degree outside of HR.  But of course, you will find countless exceptions to those rules of thumb.


Plenty of I/O PhDs work in consulting and business.  PhDs in I/O have much broader career opportunities than simply academia.


There is nothing, of course, that says you can't get an MBA and then get into a PhD program for I/O (as long as you have some psychology background.)


You can check out job prospects (along with average salaries and KSAOs) for various careers/job titles through the year 2018 at  http://www.onetonline.org/

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