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Red Cross?


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Has anyone worked/volunteered with the Red Cross in their Services to the Armed Forces division? I'm currently in the hiring process for a position within that division that seems to be a combination of case management and community engagement. I thought I read somewhere on this forum about someone who did their fieldwork with the SAF part of American Red Cross but I can't find it anywhere now lol

If I do get the position I'm not sure where that'll leave me with my hope of grad school. I'm starting to fully believe that working full-time while in a MSW program is impossible :(

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Hey there, 


I don't know anything about the red cross, but can speak a bit to working while in grad school. As I've been talking to various grad schools and students about working, most people say you should cap your job at 10-15 hours a week if you are in a full time social work program. With classes and field work, it is not very possible to hold a full time job, and certainly not one requiring set hours. However, if you haven't already looked into it, most programs offer extended degree programs so you can go to school part time. At least for the first year, you typically do not have internship, so you have classes over the weekends which would allow you to keep a job during that time.

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