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Masters in 2014 Fall

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I have work experience in Business Intelligence of 3+ years primarily using SAS, VBA. I have some programming experience in Java before that for a year. Have cleared 4 SAS certifications.


I am planning to take Subject GRE & General GRE.


I will get a LOR from a professor.


I want to do a 1 year Masters in Statistics.


which are the best options for my requirement. 



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I have taken one paper each in Analysis, Complex Analysis, Differential Equations, Numerical methods, Functional Analysis, Abstract Algebra. 


I am familiar with writing proofs.


4 papers on actuarial course like Probability,Statistical Methods, Statistical Models, Contingencies. I am not interested in being an Actuary.


I have taken these while working, Hence am rusty. Hence will write maths subject test.


My research interests are in statistical modeling, Machine learning, Hadoop related technologies. But I want to go to a 1 year masters to test whether I want to get into research after that or make this one a terminal degree.


Based on your reply & other posts here, I get a sense that the work experience really doesn't matter. I am curious whether this assumption is because everyone here is applying right after undergraduate degree or because work experience really doesn't matter at all.



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