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Help!! New student - totally clueless


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So I've already decided where to go for grad school. I'll be joining a Biomedical Sciences program with different tracks, such as Biochemistry, Pharmacology & Molecular Therapeutics, Microbiology & Immunology, and Cell Physiology. I do not know which track to choose - I have the end of this summer to choose 3 rotations. 


As far as my interests go, I honestly do not know - I wouldn't know until I actually start grad school and go through rotations. My undergrad major was Neuroscience (which is very inter-disciplinary) and I think that with my undergrad knowledge, I do not know enough of something to actually love it or hate it. 


Can anyone who are in these similar fields offer me suggestions on which track to take? What are your guys' experiences on it? 



Which track do you think would have the most  academia?? (Yes, I do know that finding a job for any life-science phd is very limited haha). But I'd still like to choose a track or research field that's in greater demand. I don't want to research some highly specific topic that only my advisor and I are interested in that no one else in the field cares about. When I interviewed, none of the advisors mentioned anything about industry jobs. I don't think they realize that it was much easier for them to get academic jobs since there were fewer phds back then. 


I guess I just want to make sure that the skills/methods I learn will actually help me in getting a job. I do love researching and learning new things, but I hate doing something without a specific goal or an ambition that I am aiming for. 

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