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MFA in Studio Art- choices


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There are many issues that come to mind when considering applying to graduate school. There are the obvious questions, for instance; is my GPA high enough to even apply to graduate school (Typical GPA for MFA acceptance must be well over a 3.0 ). Or, how do my transcripts look to admissions departments e.g. do I have the correct pre requisites for my choice of major, in this case, good grades in painting drawing etc. Moving forward, and perhaps into the most important factor of all, is my portfolio strong enough to get in??


 These are all questions you would want definitive answers to before sending out your application.  Some times,  State Universities or larger schools with secondary "art departments" won't offer the type of preparation necessary to properly aid an art student in the A,B,C's graduate school applications as well as under preparing them in there basic skills and the layout of there portfolio.  For some students a year of post Baccalaureate is the answer.  At The Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts in Old Lyme they offer a wide variety or classes in a Post Baccalaureate  program designed to prepare each student to be successful graduate school applicants. Each student has their own 24-7 studio space and participates in in-depth critique loosely designed to mimic the graduate school experience with both faculty and the BFA seniors as well as the other Post Bac. students. If you're applying to graduate school and feel under prepared I would highly recommend looking into Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts at www.lymeacaemy.edu for more info.    

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