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Best living options for a Columbia grad student?

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Hi all, 


I've just been accepted to the MA in Human Rights Studies at Columbia University, and was wondering if any current or former Columbia students could provide insight on what the best living arrangements are. Is it a good idea to live on campus if you're a grad student? Should I look at off-campus housing as well? I'm basically clueless, so anything will help! Thank you :)

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If you haven't learned this since first posting this, I've unfortunately got some bad news. As a masters students, it is extremely unlikely you'll be able to get UAH housing. UAH is strongly gamed in favour of PhD students. I have seen official stats saying that only 3% of grad students at Columbia end up with UAH housing.

You'll definitely have to look at other options. Fortunately, you have an incredible option in I-House New York. Particularly if you're interested in the community and "college life" aspect of American college. Rooms aren't as nice as UAH, but the building facilities, constant events and community lifestyle will more than make up for it. Of course, only apply if it's something you'd be interested in: it's the only option for Columbia grad students who want to do the residential college thing and spots are limited, so it's a little mean to take a spot if you don't intend on taking advantage of what it offers.

Still apply for UAH also though, you may get lucky.

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