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Anyone who could help me? thanks!


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Hello everyone! I am extremely frustrated! 

I have applied 8 environmental engineering phd program in US, now only 2 schools pending. 6 rejected me, among those 6 school, 3 reject me due to that I do not have engineering degree in B.S (but I do have in MS)

So anyone who knows that your professor are looking for new student (environmental chemistry and microbial), please tell me and let me have a chance!


My background:

I got B.S in Chemistry, average score 82/100. last 60 credits 84/100.

I got M.S in environmental engineering. GPA 3.448 


My Gre: 450 + 750 3.0

Gre Sub in chem 760 (76%)


I have 2 years chemical lab research in nano-organic 

1 years in environmental engineering lab research in sand filter.

I have 2 papers in chem (not first author), did 3 project in environmental engineering field.


I am still waiting for U Iowa and Colorado school of mines! Still review, so frustrated.

Could anybody who apply those schools and is studying in those schools give me some advice?

Many Thanks!

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I'm gonna be frank with you....You have decent research experience and average GRE/GPA scores...Also, I can tell that English is not your first language....So if you don't get accepted into any of the schools you applied to this year, I would suggest retaking the GRE (bump up that verbal score a bit) and try to get an internship at a well known company (within your research field of interest). Also, make sure that your SOP is spottless with little to no grammatical errors (even if your applying to an engineering program). I have a friend in an admissions committee, and he told me that the committee gets very frustrated with SOP letters when they are packed with small grammatical errors, and that people have gotten rejected simply because of this.

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As jimmy said, I'd bet it's your English skills that are holding you back, as your 450/3.0 GRE score are very low. I'd imagine that your statement of purpose would be similarly revealing of language skills.


Communication skills are important, even in sciences. Nobody will fund research that they can't understand

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Hi all.


I would like to apply to an MS in Statistics in a good US university. I've sitted the revised GRE and got a total of 323 (Q: 162, V: 161, AWA: 3.5). I am a BEng graduate in EE from one prominent national university in Indonesia, CGPA 3.19 out of 4.00 specializing in Telco. I got more than 10 years of working experience. I had also sitted the IELTS from my English qualification and got in 8.0 band. Could anyone please advise me to which US universities should I apply considering my qualifications and study interest? To which universities would I have the best chances of being admitted? Thanx in advance.

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