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UCL MSc Security Studies vs. KCL International Conflict vs. GW Security Policy Studies


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Hi, I'm in a bit of a dilemma, as I'm torn between being professionally or academically oriented. I am concerned with prestige, however, and I need to know that the choice I'm making will make me look competitive. However, if you think none of these political science degrees are really worth it, as they are not top-tier, let me know as well. 


I know that if I go to GW, I will be close to DC jobs, and I will diversify my CV because I will have studied in two countries. However, GW is really low on rankings, perhaps lower than both UCL and KCL in the international job market. I don't know if the Elliott School is prestigious (if that) enough to overcome the GW name. 


I know that if I go to UCL, I will benefit internationally from the general prestige of its name, but I do not know if UCL Political Science has any links in international security work. I don't even know if UCL is a dedicated security studies research hub.  


I know that if I go to KCL, I will benefit from the academic prestige of its War Studies department, and that it is the department with classes closest to my interests, but I worry I may end up with an enjoyable, but unprofitable degree. 


As a person who isn't sure she has what it takes to be an academic, I really need a school that insures both possible pathways. I don't have any funding. 



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