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Online MA's: Critical and Creative Thinking U Mass (or MA Liberal Arts SUNY)


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I was hoping to get some info about the Master of Arts in Critical and Creative Thinking at UMassOnline http://www.umassonline.net/node/11927

and/or the MA in Liberal Studies at Stony Brook or Empire State.




I am interested in any info about these programs, on- or offline. I am a full time working parent so online is the only way to go for me, hence the chosen programs, there are very few online Masters. My interests lie in skepticism, critical theory and source criticism. Can anyone tell me if  the MA in Critical and Creative Thinking U Mass is a good starting point for study in the US, is it a good program that will actually teach me something or is is a lot or self evident stuff for anyone who already possesses great interest in critical thinking? The Liberal Art programs seems quite abstract and a bit wwll, hippieish. My hope is to freshen up my academica to continue pursuing a Phd in sociology in a few years, so Ia ctually want to learn, not get an easy MA. I hope to get back into academia and an MA would help me get a start in the US and also get some references for a Phd application and to meet interesting people, both students and professors.  


Does anyone know how difficult it is to get accepted to either one of these programs and which would you recommend? I have a BA in Political Science and a Journalism degree from Europe from about 15 years ago (ie I am old:)), excellent TOEFL, and a diverse background in entrepreneurship and journalism. I do not have a problem writing a solid statement of purpose. However, my problem is with the reference letters. The only professors I even spoke with at uni (huge classes, no one on one teaching really) are passed away and I have been an entrepreneur the last ten years, working alone, so basically I have a hard time finding anyone to speak about either my academics or my professional attributes. 


Can anyone tell me what kind of reference letters worked for you? I would also appreciate any information at all about these programs, the application and admissions.

Thank you!


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