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Deciding between UT Austin and CUNY...

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Hi all,

I am trying to decide between two strong programs - UT Austin and CUNY. I already have an MA and the funding is fine for both. The more I learn about the programs, the more difficult the decision becomes!! Is anyone considering attending either of these schools or willing to share your impressions of either program? Thanks.....

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Are these MA or PhD programs? It was my understanding that CUNY did not pay for health insurance, whereas that was provided by UT when I was there. I loved UT but I'm sure CUNY and living in NY would be great too. Good luck with your tough decision!

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I'm in the Sociology program at CUNY and would be happy to talk with you. We did just get health insurance this year but my understanding is that it's only for adjuncts or people with fellowships of some sort.

There are ups and downs of living in NY, in my experience it's incredibly difficult to live in NYC for grad school - commute time, expense, etc. That said, there are lots of resources here that you wouldn't have elsewhere.

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