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MoMA 12-month Internship


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Hi everyone!


I need your advice. I am currently applying for the MoMA 12-month internship and have hard times choosing the right department.


Here's the list of all possible internships http://www.moma.org/learn/courses/internships#12month.


I have narrowed my choice to:


1. Public Programs

2. Department of Prints and Illustrated Books

3. Painting and Sculpture


The Nr. 2 and Nr. 3 in my list both see the ideal candidate coming from the Art History background (with coursework in modern art). As it is also stated: PREFERABLY from Art History background. Besides that they require experience in the museum work.


Nr. 1 doesn't have any specific requirements upon educational background.


My situation is next one: B.A. in Philosophy with Minor Specialization in Culture Studies (Art History course: 2 semesters), M.A. in European Studies (European Culture, Law, Cultural Management). Currently I am doing a voluntary year at the museum complex (Prussian Palaces and Gardens Foundation) in Germany (worked with sculptures, prints, chandelliers etc. - mostly inventorization, research, besides that assistance with exhibition planning).


THE QUESTIONS IS: for which of the internship programs am I the most suitable candidate? What would value more: my experience or educational background?


Thank you in advance for any suggestions you might have!


If it helps: I'm Ukrainian and besides English, German I speak (of course) Ukrainian and Russian, and some Polish and Chinese (the foreign languages knowledge is also listed in the requirements)

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From what i read i think your experience is the most valuable thing but also your cousework.  I think Paint and Sculpture would be a good chance for you because of your profile.   I think Public Programs would be easier to get to, but you should focus on your strengh wich is your experience in museum work and your language knowledge wich is amazing. 



good luck :) 

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