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Should I pursue my PhD in USA?


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Hi, I'm going to pursue my MS in Biomedical Engineering from Arizona State University starting Fall 2013. I'm an international student. I'm looking forward to Grad School. 

I am inclined and clearly intend to pursue a PhD right after my Master's. Now that I'm starting my Master's, I have this dilemma whether I should continue my PhD in the USA. Let me break down what I have in mind:

I've heard of a lot of instances where students convert their MS(with Thesis) degree to PhD when they find a suitable adviser, contingent upon the student clearing the Qualifying exam. IF this is the case, is it easy to convert a MS to PhD at ASU? (Sun Devils please chip in with your thoughts)

I applied to universities in US because of the quality and recognition of the degree worldwide. So, in case I plan on shifting to other countries for my PhD, I hope my Master's from ASU will keep me in good stead. But when I am going for a PhD, apart from the quality of the degree, one thing that bothers me is "post-PhD opportunities". Now, I know in times of economic crisis being an international student and all that, it is going to be tough finding any opportunity after my PhD (God forbid, the economic and employment situation is still weak). 

To keep my options open, I plan on applying to European (Germany,Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark) and Canadian universities as back up. Is it prudent to do so? 

I request the members of this forum to opine. 


P.S: I'm a non-EU citizen 

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