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UPenn ESE vs OSU, UArizona, UVa, UCol-Boulders (ECE)


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I posted this in the Engineering forum, but got no replies. I apologize if you are reading the same thing twice over.

How does the electrical and systems engg dept in UPenn compare with the electrical and computer engg depts of OSU, UArizona, UVirginia, UColorado-Boulders? My area of interest is control engineering, robotics, and AI applications in these two and realted fields. I got admission in all of these schools except UPenn. (UPenn results are not out yet.) I have no interest in Wharton though, so that's not a factor.

How do OSU, UArizona, UVirginia, UColorado-Boulders compare with each other? Perhaps it's pertinent to mention that I will *probably* get aid (TA) from UColorado-Boulders, and have been selected for a fellowship (first year) at UVa. I don't think I'll get any aid from UArizona.

My gut feeling is that UArizona, UVirginia, UColorado-Boulders are on the same tier, with OSU a bit higher. UPenn, of course, is an Ivy, but its engineering rankings are at par with the other schools.

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