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Opinions of Westfield State GRE Prep course? (or ETC in general)


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Hi! I am new here, but I did a seach of the forums to see if anyone mentioned the Westfield State University GRE Prep course, or the people that run it (Education Testing Consultants - http://www.etctestprep.com/). I haven't been able to find reviews here or anywhere else online about them, and I want to decide whether it's worth my while. It's taught online over multiple several-hour sessions, and it's costs $700 - which seems like a decent deal compared to some other prep programs, but I'm concerned that that means it is not going to be good enough.


Does anyone have any thoughts about this? Here is the site for the Westfield State program:




If not, please let me know if you have any insights or opinions about other programs that might not be too much more costly. Or whether you felt that spending more than that was worth your while!


Thank you!

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Hi ktmcg, equivalent to that course is purchasing some books and practising by yourself. I will suggest some books that I used and got a top score at the GRE. You could 



1. Kaplan
2. Princeton's Verbal Workout

3. Verbal Insights -Vibrant Publishers

4. GRE Reading Comprehension- Vibrant Publishers

5. Manhattan Review

6. Math Insights Vibrant Publishers


Most of these books are available within $30. You can find most of them on Amazon. They will surely help you. 

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Thanks, Ralph87, I appreciate the suggestion. I am currently studying on my own and trying to avoid taking a class, but I am researching the class options just in case I don't feel prepared as I get closer to my test date. I will take a look at some of these books. Thanks!

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