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MS Student sitting for GRE applying to PhD soon


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I am currently considering apply for a PhD program at several universities and am feeling some anxiety towards the GRE – I’m hoping I can get some  feedback from the community regarding this circumstance.

Currently I am working on my master’s degree in Organizational Leadership at Regis University with an anticipated graduation date of next April (I’m about 60% done with my degree). My GPA is holding steady at a solid 4.0 on a 4.0 scale. I also hold a professional certification in my field (PHR) and have 7 years’ experience in HR (the programs I’m applying to are HR-centric/focused).   


Here comes the anxiety; despite my GPA, certification, work experience I’m concerned that a potentially average GRE score will deny my admission. I test very well in the verbal section, though my quant scores are above average but feel they are lack luster. Unfortunately, I don’t have the exact scores from the practice exam I took.


What are your thoughts on my anxiety? My circumstances?


For the record I’m looking to apply to Cornell, Purdue, U of Minnesota, and U of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.


Thank you everyone!



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Cornell's site provides a lot of great, specific information, and their mean scores aren't too intimidating (Mean GRE: 159 Verbal; 154 Quantitative; 4.3 Analytical).


I think you'll be absolutely fine with a strong verbal score and an above average quant score as long as the rest of your app is solid.

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Hi AHicken, here is the list of various resources which I used to help crack the verbal section.
1. Kaplan Verbal Workout
2. Princeton GRE
3. 200 reading comprehension Vibrant Publishers
4. Manhattan Prep verbal
5. 491 words Vibrant
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Thanks for the input! I'm pretty confident in the rest of my applications being solid - great work experience, etc etc, just having a mild anxiety attack regarding the quant section of the GRE.


I'm thinking about buying the Magoosh package to help me squeeze the highest score possible. Does anyone have thoughts on this study venue?

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