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George Mason University - Masters of Software Engineering


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I really want to get my Masters in software Engineering, but I am wondering if I could ever get into grad school.


My Resume:

  Bacholers in Software Engineering from Clarkson University - 2.25 gpa

  2 Maters Courses in Software, taken from Online College - 3.5 gpa

  GRE Scores - 161 M 151 V 3.5 W

  5 years Software Engineering Experience in the DoD industry

  3 good recommendations (2 professional, 1 Academic)

  Bs on all Foundation Courses (Self Eval Form [Discrete Math, OO-Programming, Comp Arch and Data Structures])


My Story:

   I went to my undergrad at clarkson university in upstate new york.  I went there to play hockey, Its Division 1 and pretty serious.  My studies took a pretty big hit because of this, so my gpa is horrible.  I graduated in 09, got a job and have been working for the past 4 years.  I really want to go to grad school to get ahead and learn more.  I applied to George Mason, as I live in the northern virginia area. Last year I got declined, so they told me to take the gre and some undergrad classes, [Discrete math and Comp Arch] because I did poorly before, and they are on the self evaluation form.  


I reapplied this year, I have not gotten my answer yet.  If I do not get in, what are my options moving forward?  Is there anywhere legit that you can get a masters in software engineering or Computer Science if you have a terrible gpa?  Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated.



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