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Chicago CIR/MAPSS 2013-2014 Students!

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Hi Everyone,


I'm going to bet at Chicago for CIR this fall and I wanted to see if any other CIR/MAPSS students were on here.


I know a lot of people who went to Chicago and I heard you can find some really good deals on apartments and stuff, but that it could be a little tricky (a few blocks can make a huge difference.)


I wanted to see if anyone else was interested in finding an apartment together.  I'm currently abroad but have a friend at Chicago who could help us find a great deal on an apartment.  I heard about people getting apartments for $375-400 per room INCLUDING bills but only if you have at least one or two roommates.


Since it seems like the program will be intense, and since most of us have similar interets, I think it would be a good idea for us exchange emails/Skype before fall.


If anyone's interested please email me at cirguy2014@gmail.com or send me a PM.



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