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SIPA Strengths/Weaknesses


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Hi All,

I've read topic tin piecemeal on some other threads, but considering how smart/well-researched/opinionated everyone is on this board, I wanted to see if I could specifically draw out any of your opinions on Columbia's SIPA. I've been accepted to the MPA program, focusing on Economic and Political Development (possibly a Management specialization). Still waiting to hear from Harvard, but I've also been accepted to similar programs at Georgetown (GPPI) and Duke. Here are my initial thoughts on the strenghts/weaknesses of the SIPA program:


-NYC location (networking, possibility for internships at iNGOs)

-Resources (large student body and faculty)

-Options to take courses at Public Health School, Teacher's College, Law School, etc.

-New curriculum has both a policy concentration (ie. Economic and Political Dev, Environmental Policy, etc) and a professional or regional specialization (advanced policy and economic evaluation, management, etc.)


-BIG program, perhaps impersonal? (anyone have an idea of average class size?)

-$$$$$!!!! Man, it's expensive! And only a 50% shot at a 2nd year fellowship.

-Not ranked as highly as some other comparable programs

Anyone care to add your thoughts? I'd say "a penny for your thoughts", but considering how much debt I'm about to go into, I need to save every last cent I've got... :D

Thanks in advance!

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