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HELP. I want an MFA in Graphic Design...


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...but I have a BA in English. :wacko:

I have been an artist since I was a baby. I went to undergrad for a BA in English. I want to go to school for graphic design and I am wondering "what are my chances".

I have a portfolio already and I am self-taught with Photoshop. I actually have some of my portfolio pieces posted on Coroflot here: http://www.coroflot.com/joycolor

I am concerned that because I don't have a BFA in Graphic Design, my chances of being accepted into an MFA graphic program are slim. So I am also considering a post-baccalaureate/post-graduate certificate as another option.

Would it make more sense to pursue an MFA or a post-bacc certificate?

There are many factors playing into it as in money and location. I would actually love to get my post-grad education out of state. I live in Michigan. O.o

Thanks for any advice! :D

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Most programs will mention whether or not they specifically require a BFA or BA in art. Most are willing to review your application based on the strength of your portfolio.


I also have a BA in English, but decided to go back for my BFA before applying to an MFA program. It was an excellent choice for me because it completely refined my existing process and allowed me to develop conceptual foundations that were missing from my art practice prior to the program.


However, I think most graphic design programs are not as concept heavy and having a strong portfolio would do it. Maybe someone else will come along who's done the same thing.

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