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GRE Math Subject Test


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Has anyone taken the GRE Math subject test and submitted it for CS MS/PhD admissions? Is it worthwhile taking this exam? Or is simply the general GRE enough? Some schools recommend submitting a subject test (usually the computer science one when it existed).


I've heard mixed reviews -- some say it doesn't help at all and some say it mildly helps. I wanted to see what others thought.

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My personal opinion is that the Subject test is only important if you dont have a strong CS background already. So if CS was not your major or you didn't do any work or research in CS it might help.

However, I am just a student myself. I could be wrong here. I will not take the GRE Subject Test, especially because as you said CS one was abolished. Also, I already took a lot of CS courses here in Germany and did some research.


Also think about whether you've enough time to study for the test. Maybe it would be better studying a little more for the general test?

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