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Chances at Political Science PHD


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Hey, so I know this is just another "What are my chances" thread but I was hoping you could help me out, at least for therapeutic purposes.


Schools applying: Harvard, Princeton, MIT, Yale, Stanford

3.55 GPA in Accounting from University of Florida (problem)

166 Quantitative GRE, 164 Verbal GRE

Have a BSc and a MAcc in Accounting from UF

Did a tax internship with a large accounting firm for a summer

Worked almost 40 hours per week for 4 years as an accounting intern for the University to completely support myself through college

My research interests lay, in very broad terms, in international tax policy and the applicability of nuclear deterrence theory and stability

I am a co-author on two articles on nuclear weapons stability published in very reputable political science journals

Helped write a mainstream International Relations textbook and was acknowledged and cited for my efforts (not an author but I did receive a citation)


I guess the overarching question is, "Is this enough". I know my GPA is low for the schools I am applying to (though I can probably chalk it up to my working hours...but no excuses!), but are my GRE scores and research/work experience enough to compensate to give me a fighting chance at at least one of these schools?


Thanks for reading yet another such post and your help is greatly appreciated!



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