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Duke vs USC vs Rose hulman, EE Ms


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guys, I really need some help on deciding where to go. All the program I applied for is ms.

Rose hulman is a big name for its undergraduate program and its graduate program is unknown. It is high possible that it will give me full tuition waive. how you guys think about RHIT?

USC. There are too many EE ms students there. It is likely that anyone applied can get admission.

Duke. big name, but not famous in engineering.

from career perspective, I think RHIT is better. But I mainly concerned about its graduate program reputation.

help me!

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I work for a defense contractor, and we have a lot of Rose-Hulman alum's here, but all for undergrad. I believe that of the schools you mentioned USC is considered the best for graduate engineering, regardless of the number of admits - remember that it is a bigger school to start with, and the bigger issue is who you will be working with.

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thank you for your reply.

I have heard from people from USC that many EE ms graduates can not find their jobs, especially in today's economy. And they may admit more than 1,000 EE MS students. On the other hand, Rose-hulman has lots of relationship with industry.

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