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Sample SOPs of students who were admitted to high rank schools

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Although the title of 'Statement of Purpose' sounds easy, trivial, not-to-worry-about, I have experienced during my graduate school applications that the SOP is the most important part of the application. Besides its playing a crucial role in admissions and rejections, it is also not easy to write. Surely, every school has their own admission process and their own selective criteria, which make us the prospective students seek to get some sample SOP or advice on our SOP drafts. We obviously know that getting into some schools, such as MIT, Harvard, etc., is very difficult. However, when we look at the results page of this forum, we see some students made into those high rank schools with very low GPA and GRE scores. When I contacted a few, I was told that they had great SOP!


Here on this topic, I would like to present my humble request from those who have been/were admitted to high rank engineering schools to kindly post their SOPs, if anyhow possible.


Are you reading this, if your answer is yes, could you please post your SOP which will be a sample for us?


Thank you and  wish you best of luck in your future endeavors.


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