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In 8 words or less - why do well the Writing Section of the GRE or GMAT?


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I'm trying to think of why the Writing Sections of the GRE or GMAT are important. From my calculations, they are around 10% of the total GRE score based on my metrics. 


So this is a favor that I'd like from you: In 8 words or less, why is the acing the writing portion important? I'm trying to come up with a memorable phrase explaining why to my students whom I'm trying to help prepare. 


Here are some of our ideas:

1. ...to assess the coherency of your thoughts

2. ...to show them the clarity of your ideas



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Demonstrating comprehension, originality, and execution by written argument.




Demonstrating valid arguments via comprehension and organized writing.

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The writing portion on the GMAT is not calculated in the final score. 


I know that was more than 8 words but you should be aware of that if you are helping students. It does not matter if you get a perfect score on the writing section, they never ask to see your writing scores just the composite score is used for admissions purposes. 

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