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Admission Question

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I already apply to phd ECE degree , but my BBA bachelor and MBA master are Information Systems.  checking my bachelor curriculum i have Introduction to Computer Science 1 and 2 , network , programming and databases.        




I have a change to get in ECE or CS PHD programs???


also i can talk with my department to change IS to Computer Science?   because not is the same Introduction to IS  and Introduction to CS

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CS programs generally have a list of required background courses. You'd have to look and see if you meet all the requirements. I don't think that IS and CS programs are equivalent, but you could of course check with the schools you're applying to.

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In the Master's , i make a thesis = research.....          as requirements of almost all  universities only accept GRE general Test. I don't know if they consider valid a math subject test.


email a  the adviser for a review  my educational background , but they want me to do it myself.                    

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