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MS EE, VLSI: profile evaluation


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I am planning to apply for MS in VLSI for Spring 2014 term. My planned specialisation is Analog and Mixed Signal VLSI Design.


My undergraduate GPA is 8.0. Part of the reason for a dismal GPA was an accident in 5th semester, which happened a few days before my exams started.


I have one year of work-experience in analog and mixed signal design at a semiconductor MNC based in California. I have worked on 4 projects here, out of which I've been extensively involved in major part of design in one.


I have 3 unrelated undergraduate projects.


I have one publication in a international journal, 2 others are under review.


We are filing two patents for our internal innovation system.

Besides this, i have some co-curricular and extra-curricular activities in college and 2 prizes in low-key national technical competitions(but unrelated).


I'd like some help in determining my chances of getting into these colleges:


1.Georgia Tech

2.Carnegie Mellon University

3.University of Southern California, LA

4.Texas A&M University


Also, what is the research scenario in Columbia and UIUC? How difficult is it to get in with my GPA?

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