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Chances of getting accepted in the top MPH programs?!


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Okay, so I have done a lot of research on schools and their programs. Im dead set on applying this fall to be admited in fall 2014. I wont graduate with my bachelor until spring 2014. What are my chances of getting in?

I have messed up my gpa, so it's not that great. I am studying health science with a concentration in health services administration. I think my cumulative gpa will be a 3.10-3.2 by the time I graduate. My major gpa is about 3.7. My last 60 units is probably a 3.4. im applying with a 3.015 this fall. I have volunteered at a nursing home in 2007-2008. Work as a assistant manager for a landscaping business that supported home garden for healthy habits from 2000-2010. I volunteered at santa clara valley medical since last august. I interned at an optometry clinic as their admin. I also interned at breathe california as an intern and health educator. I intern/volunteered at On Lok lifeway too. All my interns last from half a year to a year. I am also the lead peer advisor for the health science department at sjsu. Im also part of the hs admin committee. I have done two big projects. One is research on asian american and the pprevalence of smoking and drinking. The other one is to promote female condoms and changing people's behavior in the LA community.

As for the GRE, I will take it in two months. I also have five good letter of reccomendations. My professors are willing to check my statement of purpose, so that area is okay.

What if I do bad and not make the 50 percentile on the GRE? And what if I only score in the 50 percentile. What are my chances of getting in one of the top schools?

Thank you in advance!

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No one can predict your chances of getting into a "top" MPH program. So much depends on whether or not you're a good fit for the program in question, who else is applying that year, etc. No one part of your application is going to make or break your chances of admission. Focus most on what you can control - your personal statements, etc. - attend the virtual fairs and reach out to programs you're interested in, and you should be fine. A "top" program isn't as important as finding one that fits your interests. My top choice isn't ranked well nationally overall, but is #1 in its specific (very niche) area. What works best for you is most important, and each school can give you a better idea of if you'll be admitted.

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yeah, you can't predict based on solely numbers.  My GPA was similar to yours, and I was told I had no shot of getting in anywhere, but I went ahead and applied anyway.  Hoped my research and community outreach and GRE would make up for a GPA killed by calculus and physics. Happy to report, UNC and Hopkins (top two programs in PH) felt the same way.  

You're more than your numbers; make sure to let the admissions guys know that in your essay/resume!  Good luck

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I am in an incredibly similar position as you.  Our GPA is close to identical..I have similar work/internship experience...but my GRE didnt go so great.  I could retake it, but i'm not sure how well ill do anyways (not a good standardized test taker).  I think what you should suggest in your essays is that your recent upward trend in grades and internship/work experiences are a better testament to your academic and professional potential (it truly is).  Otherwise, what I am currently doing is emailing some of the schools and getting their opinions.  For some of the top schools, they typically have a cutoff on scores.  The only way to avoid that "weed-out" process is to get your name out there.  Just email people.  Its possible that it would help.


Also heavily push your upward trend in grades/major GPA/work experience

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